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Here’s how it works:

Step 1. Decide if you would like to support education in developing countries, in US public schools, or both. (2 minutes)

Step 2. Create
your personal donation challenge page(s), which you then show to others. (5 minutes) For developing countries, choose your exact dollar goal here and create a page here. Here is a sample effective page you can copy and paste from to save time. For US public schools, create a page here.

Step 3. Spread the word and you could win prizes like a roundtrip anywhere in the world, recognition from Google, lunch with Jerry Yang (co-founder of Yahoo!), a thank you in the next printing of a #1 NY Times bestseller, artwork from world-famous artists, VIP passes to exclusive parties with CEOs and celebrities, and much, much more. (5 minutes+)

[NOTE: Would you like to donate stock or make a larger donation to our international partner Room to Read? Here’s how to do it and still compete in LitLiberation.]

How to Hit $10,000 in Record Time: Fundraising Tips from the Pros

* See if your company has a “matching” program for your charitable donations and ask co-workers to donate together with you–you could double or triple donations to your page!

* Think big — it’s easier to recruit people. Get friends/colleagues to donate with you to create a library or school dedicated to your friendship, your company, a great teacher or mentor, parent, or in memory of a loved one.

* Speak in front of an “already assembled audience” about the not-for-profit you’re supporting and your donation page. Events could include neighborhood or PTO meetings, church groups, concerts, or corporate gatherings.

*Ask people to get involved in your e-mail signature, mailing lists, and on your blog (at the end of each post is also effective), as well as MySpace, Facebook, and other social networking pages. Offer your own prize to the person who does the most. If you have an international donation page, go to the “your fundraising pages” tab for widgets and badges you can put anywhere.

* Host a cocktail or dinner party with a unique theme and get everyone to contribute some amount at the door.

* Conduct a campaign similar to the “night of a thousand dinners” concept in which friends all collectively host dinners at different locations to fundraise for a shared donation page.

* Speak to local schools and get them and their students involved in a fund drive for literacy/education via your donation page. Offer a party or prize if the goal is reached.

* Ask wedding guests or birthday party attendees to donate to your charity via your donation page instead of buying gifts.

The only limit is your imagination.