How It Works

Overview and FAQ

It’s simple: help others to develop the philanthropic habit and win world-class prizes. The catch? You only have 4 weeks.

Launched Oct. 1, 2007, LitLiberation is the largest online literacy experiment in history, and you’re part of it. The countdown is 30 days, and the goal is at least $1 million.

It is the first time that anyone can, in five minutes, sign-up as a fundraiser and compete to raise money, winning world-class prizes in the process. Prizes include:

-Roundtrip airfare anywhere in the world
-A thank you in the next printing of the #1 New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller, The 4-Hour Workweek, which will also be printed in more than 20 countries.
-Private lunches with top Silicon Valley CEOs
-One-of-a-kind unique experiences that cannot be bought (race cars or hot-air balloons, anyone?)

Here’s how you do it: Let’s say you convince four friends to each chip in $3,000 to build a library in Vietnam with their names (or their parents’ names) on a plaque on the door, which they can all visit 10 months later. Direct them to your donation page, they pay with credit cards, and that’s $12,000 you raised. Even if you have no money to donate yourself, you can still compete against millionaires and win.

It is your ability to spread the word, not the size of your bank account, that is most important.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Are donations for this competition tax-deductible? Yes! The not-for-profits involved are 501(c)3 charities. Just provide the donation receipts to your tax adviser or accountant.

Can I donate to any not-for-profit I want? At this time, we are limiting the educational charities to those on the sign-up page. This is because 1) both of them are top-rated 4-star charities according to Charity Navigator, 2) you know exactly where your donation goes (whether a specific project, library, school, or other), 3) while they educate vast numbers of boys, they also understand that educating girls creates educated families, and 4) we’ve interviewed the CEOs and looked at the financials. These are the best of the best.

How is $1 million in 4 weeks possible? Isn’t that ridiculous?

It’s entirely possible. Most fundraising fails because it’s not ambitious enough to excite people. Here are a few ways we can get to $1 million and then surpass it:

50 people (or groups of friends, etc.) each fund a school at $20,000
100 people (or groups of friends, etc.) each fund a library at $10,000
1,000 people donate or raise $1,000 each

It can be done.

Read to jump in? A few minutes of your time could change the world and get you experiences money can’t buy. Check out the sign-up page here!