Join the Buzz — Win World-Class Prizes while Changing the World!


LitLiberation is the largest online literacy experiment in history, redesigning fundraising as a competition with world-class prizes. You are part of the experiment.

Can we raise $1,000,000 from normal people in just four weeks? Many of the world’s top CEOs and bloggers think so. Here’s how it works…

Step 1. Decide if you would like to support education in US public schools, in developing countries, or both. (2 minutes)

Step 2. Donate to specific projects — many of which require less than $50 — and even get thank you letters from the students you impact! (2 minutes)

or, to compete for prizes with larger sums:

Step 2. Create a personal donation challenge page, which you then show to others. (5 minutes) For developing countries, create a page here (here is a sample effective page you can copy and paste from to save time). For US public schools, create a page here.

Step 3. Spread the word and you can win unreal prizes like a roundtrip anywhere in the world, recognition from Google, lunch with Jerry Yang (co-founder of Yahoo!), a thank you in the next printing of a #1 NY Times bestseller, artwork from world-famous artists, VIP passes to exclusive parties with CEOs and celebrities, and much, much more. (5 minutes+)

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